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Detoxifying Back Treatment

Deep-cleansing and a massage are added to perfect and correct the skin past the neck area. The skin at the shoulders, neck, and back is purified and refined. This treatment will greatly reduce blemishes, dryness, and dull skin.

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Essential Oil Aromatherapy

100% pure essential oil will be used in your facial massage. You may choose from our selection of exclusive organic oils to customize your aromatherapy experience. Essential oils can benefit all skin types, working deep into the skin to promote the health and growth of new skin cells. Medicated oils with tea tree, witch hazel, and rose hip extract will significantly reduce inflammation and blemishes, typically caused by acne.

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Luxury Anti-Aging Eye Treatment

A rapid, concentrated under-eye treatment that dramatically transforms the appearance of wrinkles. This treatment will help reduce the appearance of dark circles, dryness, and dullness in the skin surrounding the sensitive eye area.

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Silk Hand Treatment

A soft, silken cream based treatment is applied to the nail bed and massaged into the hand and forearm to relieve dry hands, cuticles, and nails. Hands are then placed into heated gloves following the silk treatment.

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Supple Neck Treatment

This treatment supports the unique needs of the skin at the neck and décolletage area. It restores of feeling of firmness, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and creases. The deeply nourishing treatment boosts circulation, allowing the skin at the neck to become silky-smooth and supple.

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